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our story

debbie, whitney & sarah
serendipity is a women’s boutique bringing fresh options for gifts & apparel to bay street in beaufort, south carolina.  the boutique was created by three teachers who, after collectively spending 35 years in the profession, decided to take a leap of faith & make their dream a reality.  each member of the serendipity team fell in love with beaufort’s quiet waterfront beauty & ended up moving here permanently. 
serendipity hopes to become an integral part of life on bay street, breathing fresh life into the area.  serendipity’s goal is for everyone, regardless of age, income or size, is to “accidentally stumble upon something beautiful” in the shop.  as former educators, women, dog lovers, mothers, and business owners who LOVE a good laugh, good times, and good people, we guarantee you’ll love your experience shopping at serendipity.

our store

707 bay street

at our store, we believe that our customers shop with us for the experience just as much as to find something great to purchase. this is why we’ve been able to build & strengthen fun, meaningful relationships with our customers, which is the most important thing in the world to us
we welcome all people who are looking for items of all kinds. trendy, affordable boutique women's clothing may be our specialty, but it doesn’t hurt that we also offer things like champagne and wine by the bottle in our store!

our town

beaufort, sc

nestled along the tranquil shores of the lowcountry, beaufort, south carolina, is a small town that exudes an irresistible charm. steeped in history & embraced by the gentle embrace of the atlantic ocean, beaufort invites you to step back in time & immerse yourself in its timeless beauty.


as you wander through the streets of this picturesque town, you'll find yourself captivated by its rich architectural heritage. elegant antebellum mansions, adorned with intricate ironwork and surrounded by blooming gardens, stand as living testaments to a bygone era. the moss-draped oak trees form a natural canopy, casting dappled shadows upon the cobblestone streets & historic landmarks.


the town's heart beats in its historic district, where meticulously preserved buildings coexist with modern boutiques, art galleries, and charming eateries. stroll along bay street, the bustling waterfront promenade, & soak in the panoramic views of the beaufort river. the scent of saltwater mingles with the sweet fragrance of magnolias, creating an intoxicating symphony for the senses.


beaufort's natural beauty extends beyond its streets. the town is blessed with a serene coastal landscape, where pristine beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. the azure waters beckon you to dip your toes in their soothing embrace, while the warm sun casts a golden glow over the idyllic scenery.


but beaufort's allure lies not only in its physical attributes. it is a place where time seems to slow down, & the art of southern hospitality flourishes. locals greet you with a friendly smile, eager to share their stories & traditions. the pace of life is unhurried, allowing you to savor each moment & appreciate the simple pleasures that beaufort offers.


venture beyond the town's boundaries, & you'll discover a natural wonderland. the surrounding marshlands, teeming with vibrant wildlife and delicate flora, offer a glimpse into the delicate balance of nature. explore the meandering waterways by kayak or take a leisurely boat tour to witness the dance of dolphins & the majestic flight of herons.


as evening descends upon Beaufort, the town transforms into a magical oasis. the gas lamps flicker to life, casting a warm glow upon the streets. savor a sumptuous meal at one of the local restaurants, where delectable southern cuisine is prepared with love & served with a side of genuine hospitality. the rhythmic melodies of live music drift through the air, beckoning you to dance under the stars.


in beaufort, time stands still, & the beauty of the past harmonizes with the present. it is a place where history, nature, & culture converge, creating an enchanting tapestry that captures the hearts of all who visit. so, come & immerse yourself in the beguiling allure of beaufort, south carolina—a small town that embodies the essence of southern charm & leaves an indelible mark on your soul.